Book Boom

★★★ AppAdvice ★★★
“A puzzle game that proves sorting books can actually be fun and entertaining.”

★★★ AppChronicles ★★★
“It is actually an enjoyable game with cute graphics and addicting gameplay.”

Warning: May be too additive for those obsessed with tidiness!

The books are in a mess, sort them out and claim your reward! Tap, turn, and combine them into order!
Play in 3 challenging unique modes, push your finger reactions to the limit!

Game features:
√ Simple yet addictive gameplay.
√ Various books, pictures to be used in-game.
√ Customizable walls, bookshelves, and hands.
√ Supports Game Center and Achievements.

Game modes:
√ CLASSIC MODE – Arrange disordered books into right order as fast as possible in CLASSIC MODE, beat the high scores!
√ PICTURE MODE – Instead of sorting numbers, books are combined into a pretty picture, ready for a change!
√ CHALLENGE MODE – Test your true skills in CHALLENGE MODE, complete as many rounds as you can before time runs out!

System requirements:
Book Boom is compatible with 4rd generation iPod touch, iPhone 3GS(and later) or iPad, and requires iOS 4.2 and later.

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