“It was around 1 AM when the idea of Bomz appeared. I couldn’t sleep, so I turned on my computer and created the very first version in less than an hour. A few weeks of laughing and pure amusement later, the complete game was finished in all its magnificence and absurdity.” – Florentin Hennecker, creator

If you’re willing to have a good laugh alone or with your friends, Bomz is the game that you need. Defy pure luck and try to push on the right button! Use parachutes to cheat it and to avoid draining your Bomz stock!

Along with beautiful graphics, Bomz will come with a variety of hilarious sounds and easter eggs. You may have found the stupidest idea ever, but trust me, you’re going to have a good time playing this.

✔ Fun is free, so is Bomz!
✔ Very simple concept
✔ Game Center leaderboards & achievements
✔ Funny stats page
✔ Beautiful and original graphics
✔ Hilarious sounds and easter eggs
… and lots of love as the last ingredient!

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