Being a Bombster is not an easy task… You need to have discipline, intelligence, concentration and, of course, a lot of courage! If you think you have all these qualities, bring it on, start on this quest!
Your mission: defuse all the bombs within the time limit.
How it works: for each bomb, you must build up a circuitry, choosing and overlaying several combinations of cards. When the right combination is connected to the bomb, you just have to touch the red button and it will be deactivated.
Time flies! Will you face this challenge?
Become a real pro playing all 60 challenging levels with Death LEDs, transmission failures, broken LEDs and much more!

60 different bomb circuitries!
Great graphics!
Challenging gameplay!
Defuse the bombs within the time or explode!
Death LED, transmission failures, broken LEDs and much more!

Your objective is to defuse the bombs in the shortest time possible, reproducing the combination transmitted to you on the monitor.
To reproduce the circuitry you may use as many cards as you wish from those available in your briefcase.
Touch the cards twice or more times to flip them until you reach the desired position and drag them to the bomb’s slots. The corresponding LEDs will be turned on as though they were stacked, always from left to right and in the exact position in which they are found in the slots. When the ending result matches exactly the circuitry shown on the monitor you may touch the button and defuse the bomb.
Some circuitries may have more than one solution, others will demand a certain sequence of cards. To earn the title of Bombster you will need creativity, agility, swiftness and precision!

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