Bomb A-Z

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Counting from A to Z is not something new with which many must be familiar. But how long would you expect yourself to count from A to Z?

Bomb A-Z is an app which you can test your counting speed from A to Z by simple tapping. Though it sounds rather easy, it requires a very good coordination between your brain and finger.

To make the game more interesting, the alphabets are converted into bombs which can fuel the cannon to shoot a bad character in the game. There are 3 original characters in the game and you have to tap faster in order to save the princess.

There are two modes provided in the game: A-Z and A-Z (Crazy).

•A-Z: This mode is an easier version which has no obstacle and distraction.

•A-Z (Crazy): As it named, it is a crazy mode that the A-Z bombs will switch their positions in every 1-2 seconds.

Let’s download the app and have a try!

由A讀到Z 對你來說應該比吃生菜還更容易,不過,你知不知自己要用多少時間? 炸彈 A-Z 是一個可以測試你從 A 讀到 Z 的速度 。雖然這聽起來很容易, 不過其實它需要你的大腦和手指有非常良好的協調。 為了使遊戲更加有趣,字母作為大炮的火藥來源,對抗大壞蛋。本遊戲有三個角色,你必須盡快幹掉大壞蛋,以救出公主。

在遊戲中有兩種模式供玩家選擇: A-Z 和 A-Z(瘋狂)。 •A-Z:簡單模式,沒有任何障礙和干擾。


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