Bom Bom Cocktail 2 Lite

Bom Bom Cocktail 2

Bom Bom Cocktail – The best Cocktail Blender game in the world…….

Bom Bom Cocktail 2 comes up with wonderful 3D graphics as previous version, PLUS more than ten mini-games to practice your cocktail blending skills. To be the best cocktail blender, you have to serve your customers in the Bar, in the Party, on the Beach, in the Club and anywhere, and then shake, shake, shake…

NEW featured games to practice your cocktail blending techniques, like:

1.Add your liquors, juices and fruits to the pitcher!!!
2.Choose the right liquors!!!
3.Building up the speed and shaking your pitcher!!!
4.Add your ice cubes!!!
5.Squeeze your juice!!!
6.Mixing your cocktail!!
7.Pouring the beverage to right level!!!
8.Decorate your cocktail!!!
9.Stir to mix ingredients!!!

There are More and More to play, and More and More to practice….

Come to “Bom Bom Cocktail 2” world !!!Let’s Shake!!!

To be the best blender NOW!!!

Enjoy your lite verison for FREE, and get the FULL version for ALL levels.

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