Bolt Jump

Bolt has begun his training for SBL, the popular basketball league held in space.
Make a basket or slam dunk and he will fly high up in the sky with jet thrust!

It’s all about ball handling, so try not to miss any plates to dribble or chance to shoot hoops.
Let’s see how high you can get, Bolt has a real potential to become a star!

.:: Spec ::.
– Shoot hoops and fly high with the jet thrust!
– Dribbling by tapping the screen. It may be the first time to be featured in iOS game.
– Tap Bolt underneath the hoop. Receive higher scores with slam dunk!

*We’ve been informed that Space Basketball League has been developing suits for improved performances. Bolt will be more powerful than ever with Power Suits! Until they become available, practice more and get ready for exciting challenges!

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