Bold Poker

“Crazy idea, exquisitely well done” – Daring Fireball

Poker night just got a serious upgrade. Next time you get together for some Texas hold’em leave the deck of cards behind and tell your friends to bring their iPhones and iPods.

Bold Poker replaces your deck of cards and delivers a classy, meticulously designed experience that looks and feels pro. Forget about taking turns shuffling and let Bold Poker be your professional dealer.

How it works:

♠ Put a device (iPad is best) in the middle of the table for the board cards
♠ Each player opens Bold Poker with their iPhone or iPod and joins the game
♠ Move the dealer button on the board device to deal a card to each player
♠ Drag the button to the player with the highest card to deal the first hand

Then sit back and enjoy how fun poker night can be when iPhones are involved. We’ve designed Bold Poker to preserve the atmosphere of live poker while drastically improving the comfort and speed.

If you want to get crazy and have a few extra iPhones or iPod touches you can:

♠ Use an extra iPhone or iPod touch for the button (moderately crazy)
♠ Use five iPhones or iPod touches to display the board (borderline insane)
♠ Use two iPhones per player to display each pocket card (off the hook)

Please note:

♠ Bold Poker requires an internet connection to play (Wi-Fi recommended).
♠ Each player will need an iPhone or iPod with the Bold Poker app to play (iPad for players is currently in the works).
♠ At this time only Texas hold’em is supported as a game.

We hope you enjoy this new way of playing texas hold’em!

If you’ve got any feedback or would like to get in touch, feel free to write us at

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