Body Timer 2

This game challenge on your time estimation (in seconds) and train your memory to remember the time unit(s) within seconds of time.

How to play:
1. Choose the game setting you prefer
2. Click on the start button
3. Number(s) will appear in the middle of the screen. Smallest to biggest from top to bottom. Try your best to memorize the numbers. The numbers will disappear in 5 seconds.
4. After the count down 3..2..1..
5. your estimation start here. start to estimate the time in second unit.
6. Tap on the player button “Click Me” when your estimated time reached. (For example. “2.0” “3.0” and “4.0” were shown. then you have to click on “Click me” on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th second from your time of estimation since the game start)
7. The game will end once the [game duration]+5 seconds is reached. or all players have finish their “click”s.
8. Summary of the score (blue font) will appear in the Result Page. It is calculated by adding all the time differences. Lowest score is the most accurate time.
9. You can choose to submit the best score to the web.

Features available:
-multiplayer (up to 5 players in full version)
-Configurable game duration (20/30/40/50/60 seconds)
-Configurable game difficulty level (1-8)
-Extreme mode (Very difficult mode)
-World/Local ranking recorded on the web

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