Bobo’s World

Just when you thought the Good ol’ Games were gone!

The Dark Forest is invading!
The King of Hilltop has fled for his life!
A little hill lies between the Hilltop Kingdom and the invasion.
A little hill that a little pink creature calls home…

A little creature that would much rather be left…ALONE!

Welcome to Bobo’s World…a 2d Platformer as fun as it is creative! Armed with a single wooden bat, and the power to summon magical orbs, run, jump and battle your way through the invading forces in order to defend his home.

Bobo’s World is sure to challenge your retro skills!

• Easy to learn controls!
• Multiple levels of creative fun!
• In-Game challenges!
• Colorful, fun, and light-hearted graphics!
• Addicting gameplay for all ages!

Pink Has Never Looked So Cool!

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