Your marina has three differently colored piers. Boats will appear on the screen at a constantly higher rate. Trace a path for each boat to land at the correctly colored pier.

Don’t allow boats to crash into each other or you will lose a life. An alarm will alert you to danger. Be sure to collect the treasure coins for extra points and lives.

Going for the classic high-score using the Quickplay mode is always fun. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Boat Mania gives you ten levels to beat. Each level has varying goals.

Can you land 150 boats and collect all the coins? Or maybe you would like to try to land only five white boats while the other on-screen boats must not collide.

If you like puzzles, problem solving or time management games, Boat Mania will surely quench your thirst. Gameplay is simple yet challenging which is great game for beginners and pros alike.

Ideal for fans of Line Drawing Games.

Thanks to for the Icons.

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