Play 6 great games – Chess, Checkers (Draughts), Go, XiangQi, Shogi and Mini Shogi – any way you like! Local, Online, or against the CPU; boardz does it all!

Local play options let you can use your iPad or iPhone/iPod touch as a gaming board, or play against the computer. Especially great for iPad, you can play these games with friends and have Boardz take care of the scoring, rules and capturing for you!

Online options allow you to play the games in a turn-based fashion. Games can be played live when both players are online at the same time, or at your own pace. A chat window also lets you discuss the game with your opponent. Each player now has an ELO rating for each game type that they play.

East meets West in this collection of the most popular board games in the world. All games are drawn in exquisite detail, and are extremely easy to play, with a truly authentic look. You can create games of any type, play friends & family or choose random opponents.

Push notifications ensure you always know when it is your turn, or somebody wants to play! All games have full history with great animation to make it easy to review past moves. The game screen gives you all the information you need about your current matches, updated live.

The games:

Our Chess board is drawn with a classic ‘Staunton’ set, with an alternative set of 2D pieces. We think we’ve achieved unsurpassed quality. Authentic wood textures and great animations make Chess a pleasure to play!

Checkers – also known as Draughts is the classic game where the aim is to take all your opponent’s pieces by hopping over them. Reach the other side of the board, and your pieces are promoted to kings, enabling them to hop backwards as well as forwards. Checkers is a deceptively simple game, with lots of depth.

Shogi & Mini Shogi (Japanese Chess)
Shogi pieces have complex graphics and we’ve created something special and easy to read, with 2 styles of piece along with a unique ‘western’ chess set, making this great game accessible to all.
Coming Soon: Shogi CPU opponent!


On the surface, Go is quite simple – but Go players know how complex this game really is. Our Go stones are rendered with beautiful detail, using a classic ‘shell’ design, and our boards offer game play all the way up to a full-sized 19×19 go-ban, for truly epic matches! Final territory status is shown with great visualization and full statistics. Territory is evaluated using the great open-source Fuego Go Engine, and you can play against it too! See for information on Fuego.

XiangQi (Chinese Chess)
If Chess is a war, XiangQi is a battle! So goes the saying for this classic game. Offering unique challenges to current chess players, XiangQi is very addictive! Again we’ve provided a ‘western’ set, making this game easy to play for all.

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