Boardgame Companion

Boardgame Companion is the ultimate tool for boardgamers. It includes an easy and well-organized scoring calculator for a few of the most popular boardgames. No long and boring forms to fill that all look alike! Each supported game has a specifically crafted, good-looking and animated assistant that literally guides you through the scoring process. Boardgame Companion knows the rules of each game and it won’t let you make mistakes.

But Boardgame Companion is not only for scoring. You get:

– player aids to remind you of all those hard-to-remember rules. Can you you rememeber by heart all the setup rules of Puerto Rico? No more need to check the manual for them!
– an archive of known players, with photos
– a geo-tagged archive of all games you play
– possibility to send the results of a game to your friends

And if you want to determine randomly who is going to play first… just shake the iPhone!

Boardgame Companion includes support for the award winning game Alhambra and a generic game module. The following games are also available through in-app purchase at the cost of $0.99 each:

– Agricola (including expansion Farmers of the Moor)
– Puerto Rico

more games will be added in future releases! If you want to have your favorite game supported, just send a mail to

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