Board Lounge

Board Lounge is an ultimate board game application for iPhone users.

Board Lounge is a place for many board game hustlers.
You can find a modern version of board game cafe here in your device. Many hustlers come to play their favorite game and waiting for your challenges!

The utmost attraction of the Board Lounge is that you can enjoy the professional board games ONLINE! We offer real and live game matches that you can not experience elsewhere to your devices directly. Our first version is the standard three games; Japanese chess (Shogi,) Chess, and Reverse. Easy to get started and the game rules are relatively simple! Go and other board games are coming up. Stay tuned.

Additionally, Board Lounge offers extensive function of SNS. We provide a platform to build new relationships through interests and hobbies as games, residential areas, and connecting with friends of your friends. The key feature of the SNS is the Board Lounge chat. By user registration, you can enjoy the instant messenger’s text chats as much as you want. You can also create your own group with the players you become friends with!!

●Original class match system
Board Lounge Class match consists of 6 major classes from C3 to A and a free-class. Your class will be determined by the winning percentage for every 10 games. Yo are not able to compete against the same player twice in one cycle (10 games). Please find various players from the same class you belong to and compete with them to step up to A class. The first 20 games after a application start is called “a skill judging period” and your earning rating will be twice as much. While this grace period, Board lounge will find you a suitable class you belong to.

●Learning with your friends is FUN!
Board Lounge opens the lab to all players to improve game skills. The Lab is a room where players are free to move any piece on the game board and they are able to give a running commentary of a live game.

●Feel more competitive? Try our exciting mini-tournaments!!
There are several different types of mini-tournaments with different match conditions. If a mini-tournament is filled with 8 players, a tournament will be started. We will start periodic events soon!

●Board Lounge Coin
You are able to earn Board Lounge coins in varieties of situations. Accumulated coins will become available to exchange with Board Lounge add-ons or our premium services. Coin Exchange service will be started in our later update. Please earn Board Lounge coins as much as possible until exchange service begins.

** Important **
Board Lounge tournaments, lab, and add-on exchange starts in the next update. Please look forward to it!

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