Bo Cake

Mid-Autumn Festival Bo cake is the southern region the unique cake culture epitaxial a folk activities. The Mid-Autumn Festival for the entertainment of a game with six dice throwing combine the results to determine the participants prizes. The traditional prizes for the different sizes of moon cake, proprietary name will be cake, according to legend, this game can predict people luck in the coming year.

Bo cake rules: Council cake set “champion” 1 “on the Church” 2, “three red” four, four into eight, “move” 16, “a show” 32. Whole
  Bo cake
There will be size 63 cake, 63 seventy-nine of the number, is a lucky number. States 80 First 99 emperors, seventy-two 1989 Chitose, Zheng Chenggong seal the Yanping Wang, with sixty-three number. The cake size sixty-three, representing the champion, second place, third overall, Scholars, lifts, and scholar. 6 throwing the dice in a large bowl. Bo Rules 30 models: a show, move, three red, respectively, with the advent of a red four, two red, three red with bread. The champion are four additional such as red four o’clock, two red is the highest level, “champion interpolation Golden Flower”, to be champion and two hall of three pie. For the champion to at least level four four-point red, which of four red with the number of points than large; “five sons” that pressure over the four red, “five” in addition to any other than the four of the five red five visits counted as “five sons” to pieces so, on with the number of points than large. “Red” appears five red four points, to pressure five sons, which went with the number of points than the big. Called on the Church, “the second place, third overall point of one to six have a cake. In addition, there are very rare “Six Pak red”, that is, six four o’clock. “Six Pak red” winner, you can have all will be cake, but generally friendly to each other, the winner took only champion and Hall, and the rest distributed to everyone to eat. “Six Pak black” than six red outside any six. “Six Pak black” appears, we can turn off the lights to grab the cake, but generally no longer used.


会有大小63块饼,含七九六十三之数,是个吉利数。国为九九八十一是帝王所用的数,八九七十二是千岁数,而郑成功封过延平王,所以用六十三之数。 大小六十三块饼,分别代表状元、榜眼、探花、进士、举人、秀才。用6颗骰放在大瓷碗内投掷。博规主要有30款:一秀、二举、三红,分别以出现一颗红四、二颗红四、三颗红四为得饼。状元是以出现四颗额外个如红四点、两颗红一点为最高级,称“状元插金花”,可获状元和两个对堂共3个大饼。获状元的以出现四颗四点红为起码级,其中又发四红带多少点比大;“五子”出现即压过四红,即“五颗”除五个红四以外的任何五看到 颗一样算为“五子”,又以带多少点比大。“五红”就是出现五个红四点,压过“五子”,其中又以带多少点比大。称为“对堂”的榜眼、探花出现一至六点都有得饼。此外,还有极少出现的“六朴红”,即六颗四点出现。“六朴红”得主,就可得全部会饼,但一般友好相处,得主只拿状元和对堂,其余就分送给大家吃。“六朴黑”是指出现除六颗红四点以外的任何六颗相同的。“六朴黑”出现,大家可熄灯抢饼,但一般不再采用。

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