Bluff Wars Free

Are you clever enough to bluff out your friends? Play Bluff Wars, the hysterical game of deception, today! Trick your opponents by making up witty answers to obscure questions. You’ll be flabbergasted by all of the absurd responses as you identify the correct answer and laugh your way to victory!


*Over 1,550 Questions!
Tons of unique content ranging across 6 categories and growing constantly!

*No Repeats!
Never see the same question twice until you’ve seen them all!

*Bluff Out The World!
Sign in via Facebook or create a username to play against friends or random opponents!

*Multiply the Fun!
Play one-on-one or start a game with up to 6 players!

*Level Up and Earn Prizes!
Track your statistics as you unlock categories and valuable paintballs

*Play Anytime, Anywhere!
Start up to 20 games whenever you want, and continue them any time!

Visit our shop to purchase additional crazy categories, or achieve the following ranks to unlock them!

Level 10 (600 points): Unlock the Quirky Quotes Category
Level 13 (1,500 points): Unlock the Incredible Images Category

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