BLUE MARBLE Game features cities from across
the world; its title is a reference to the
“BLUE MARBLE” description of the Earth as seen
from space.

Blue Marble Game is a board game of property
management in which each player is represented
by a small unit of token and it moves around
the edge of the board according to the roll
of dice.

◆Feature of the game

-Experience this speedy pace that has never
seen in any other board game.

-The board contains 5 different colorful
themes and has various selections of characters.

-Rolling doubles, Trying to send others to the
desert island, Receiving doubled toll, etc
More than 65 different kinds of skill cards
help you to reverse the situation at a moment.

-Strategies such as Monopolizing, Serial
occupancy, etc were added to make it more fun.

◆Do not waste of your precious time!
This game provides several rules to end the
game in a short time.

Gone bankrupt- The game ends when all the
other players except for one have gone bankrupt.

Reaching the goal- The game ends when one
achieved to get the aimed properties faster
than any others.

Limit on rounds- The game ends when
one has the highest value of properties
after several rounds.

▶ Enjoy this exciting speedy
match with your friends! ◀

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