Blow Something UP

Join pyromaniac stickmen, Angry and Clueless, as they attempt to blow up anything and everything that they can get their hands on including themselves….

Stickmen Angry and Clueless have been blowing things up for quite a while now and they thought it was about time they let the world know what exactly they have been doing. You see, these two stickmen have blown up, shot, or detonated just about everything from entire cities to aliens to each other and they figured you wanted to now about it. The following is part of a conversation Angry had with the developer:

“Why did you want me to make this game.” “We thought it was only logical to let the world know of the things I, I mean me and Clueless, have been doing over the past few years. I know I wouldn’t keep something this special from my friend Clueless unless of course I knew it could hurt him, because that’s my job and… and YOU CAN’T DO IT! HOW DARE YOU THINK THAT. YOU’RE GOING TO REGET YOU HAD THAT THOUGHT.”

“Help me! Please! Somebody….”

Just in case you were wondering this is not a true story.

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