***How to play
Block Puzzle is a chess-like two-player board game. It has an 8×8 board and each side has five different forms of four-block pieces. The player is to play one move with four pieces on the board without side-by-side connecting his own pieces. The player who plays the last move wins the game!
Each game is dynamically created with the condition that you can absolutely win the game. Your task is to play each move correctly and defeat the CPU as quickly as possible.

***Game Modes
1) Single Player (Play against CPU)
2) Local Net (Play same games with friends via local net)
3) World Net (Play same game with friends via Game Center).

When playing Single Player Mode, you win scores when winning a set of 3 games, and win achievements without losing one game and without asking for hints.

1) Easy
2) Medium
3) Difficult
4) Hard
5) Genius
6) God
7) Impossible

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