Rating: 4+

Bloons is a game from Ninja Kiwi, originally released 13th April, 2009


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Bloons Review

Monkeys are clever, adorable little buggers, but is it really such a good idea to give them a bunch of darts to toss around? Isn’t that just asking for trouble? Not if you’ve got balloons that need popping–then it’s just common sense. And so is tossing a buck Apple’s way for Bloons, a former Flash game that works very well on the iPhone.

Forget monkeys with typewriters. This is way better.

In Bloons, the stationary monkey has only a couple darts per level, and a quota of balloons to hit. Touching the screen and dragging draws an arrow showing the dart’s power and direction. It goes flying after release, popping balloons along the way. Reach the magic number, and it’s on to the next level.

It’s not all monkeying around, though–these levels get pretty tough. There are many different kinds of barriers and balloons to deal with. For instance, darts bounce off of rubber walls, which are often set up to force outrageous trick shots.

And the fancy balloons are cool, too. Some balloons blow up in a storm of tacks, or give you more darts. Others freeze surrounding balloons or float towards the top of the screen, making for a moving target. The best levels work as puzzles, like a big Rube Goldberg machine built from chain reactions.

Bloons comes with two level packs of 50 levels each, and it’ll take plenty of time to work through those (unless you set the game to unlimited darts mode, of course). There’s also a custom level builder, but no way to share levels, so this feature is of dubious worth. You can play your own music, though.

If you liked the online version of Bloons, you can’t go wrong with the iPhone game. It’s more of the same–a fun, polished little diversion that’ll give you your dollar’s worth.