Bloom Flower (Matching Puzzle)

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Bloom Flower is a match-3 genre game, it contains a lot of addicting gameplay with colorful breath design. It also provides the optimized game engine which sustains the better efficient and simplicity of movements in touch control.

1. Classic Mode:
Play most popular classic puzzle game in the world, including many achievements.
2. Vine Mode:
Challenge speed mode, match as fast as you can, to avoid the vines grow fast to cover the game’s world.
3. Ladybug Mode:
Ladybug trip survival mode, fighting with Carnivorous flower and rescue the ladybugs to complete its trip.
4. Timed Mode:
To dismiss/catch the butterflies as quick as possible to earn the more time and higher your level.
5. New Zen Mode:
Try new relax Zen mode. It’s more beautiful and looks like the nature wind sway the petals along the four direction.
Relax to play, needn’t to worry about no where to go.
6. Quest Mode:
Combine the classic mode and the mosaics-puzzle, need to use the flowers or ladybugs for opening the specific area to complete the puzzle.
7. Classic+ Mode:
Seems classic gameplay become interesting and full challenge.
8. ☃Snow Mode☃:
Use flower’s power to break the frozen frost.
9. Ladybug+ Mode:
Ladybug enhance mode, if the Carnivorous flower has down, ladybug can easy pass the warning line.
10. Windy Mode:
Protect the ladybugs been frozen by snow. (Unique puzzle mode, don’t miss out)

※ Game specific features
1. More than three kinds of survival gameplay, include ten interesting and addictive modes.
2. 6 visuals stunning season themes.
3. Provide the local score ranking. Support GAME CENTER Leaderboards and more than 30 achievements.
4. Support Retina Display (960×640)

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