Bloody Bunnies

As seen in App Trailers

Jump around like crazy and try to hop on top of the others’ heads ! Challenge your friends and enjoy hours and hours of addictive online mutliplayer fun in amazing 3D environments ! Check your rank with Openfeint learderboards, be the biggest carrot eater !

“The visuals look rather stunning.” – Mike Thompson,
“It has everything that makes a gaming experience great.” – Rachel Rees,
“Overall Bloody Bunnies is a neat fun little game.” – Nigel Swanson,

Bloody Bunnies Features:

- Amazing 3D environments
- Online multiplayer up to 6 players & 2 players on a single iPad
- Openfeint leaderboards & achievements
- 3 addictive game modes
- 4 beautiful and exciting maps
- Cute or bloody option
- Easy to use and intuitive interface
- 2 tight and easy control schemes


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Disclaimer :

This game is designed for a smooth multiplayer experience over a local Wi-Fi.
You should only attempt to play over the internet with a quality broadband connection, 3G is not recommended.
This game is designed to run smoothly on iPad and iPhone 3GS or better.