Bloo Kid

Retro-style platformer with cute pixelart, chiptune soundtrack and 84 levels!

If you come across any bugs, please consider reporting them to before giving the game a low ranking. Thank you!

★★★ UPDATE ★★★
Now with GameCenter support!

★★★ STORY ★★★
Help Bloo Kid to rescue his girlfriend from the hands of the evil Wizard in this fancy retro-style “one-screen” platformer. Jump and run your way through 84 action-packed levels spread across five unique worlds.

★★★ GAMEPLAY ★★★
– use the on-screen touch-controls to jump and run
– jump on enemies to defeat them
– defeat all enemies to clear a level
– clear a level without getting hit to receive the “flawless” star
– grab the star at the end of a level to receive the “special” star
– receive enough stars to unlock more worlds

★★★ WARNING ★★★
This game can be extremely difficult :)

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