Blockys 3D Puzzle

Blockys is inspired on the idea of 3D puzzles dated back in time in the 80s. Twenty years have passed and the time has arrived for a brand new 3D puzzle to come into life under new platforms and audiences. Lazoftware Inc. has chosen the iPhone/iPhod Touch platform to create this amazing game, with the unique features an iPhone/iPod Touch allows us to do.

When you are playing Blockys, you see variably shaped blocks falling away from you to the game board. So basically you’re are looking from the top of a Tunnel and trying to accommodate the falling blocks in order to completely fill the levels or planes at the bottom of the tunnel. Once you fill a level, it gets moved down, causing all the levels above it to do the same and the player scores.

– In the middle of each of the 4 edges of the screen, there is a movement zone. Each of these zones allows the player to move the active piece in the specific direction: X, Y; so when you tap on the middle of the right or left edge of the screen, a plus/minus sign will be animated, showing you that the active piece has been moved one step to the right/left in the X direction. You can also drop the active piece completely if desired by tapping on the left lower corner of the screen.

– The active piece can also be rotated in the 3 directions: X, Y and Z, by just sliding your finger from the center of the screen to the right (rotates in X), center-up (rotates in Y) and center-down (rotates in Z).

– The player wins once he/she has scored twice the depth of the current tunnel, meaning that he/she has pushed down that number of levels. The settings of the game can be changed by the player at any time. So you can change the depth, dimension X-Y, speed and also turn On/Off the sound track.

We hope you’ll enjoy Blockys and look for more new games from Lazoftware,Inc. COMING SOON…!

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