BLOCKOBAN guarantees you many long hours of puzzling fun.

It comes with 100 free levels, enough to keep you busy for a few hours.

Then you can upgrade to full version (currently 4050 levels) with an in-app purchase.

Casual players will love the Kickoff and Easy categories, Experts will love the Medium, Hard, Big Maps categories. BLOCKOBAN also provides 5 addictive Time Attack modes, and a random map generator.

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❝A Great Puzzle Game. Blockoban is a lot of fun, and the single free version does a great job at making sure you enjoy it.❞ (

❝iPhone game Blockoban, so fun it blocks out your time. Everything is beautifully done, and is truly designed with the user in mind.❞ (

❝Blockoban heeft alles wat een goede casual game moet hebben: het is razendsnel te leren, bestaat uit korte leveltjes, maar het is o-zo-verslavend om te spelen.❞ (

Important :
★ If you plan to buy the FULL VERSION upgrade and the SOLUTIONS PACK, download instead “Blockoban Premium” for a cheaper price.
★ If you buy upgrades and then reinstall the game later, buy again the same upgrades to restore (you will not be charged).

Features :

★ 100 free levels
★ 4050 high quality levels made by army of designers (after you buy the FULL VERSION upgrade)
★ 4 skins (including a skin for color blind people)
★ A solution is provided for all the levels (after you buy the SOLUTIONS PACK upgrade)
★ Retina Display (HD graphics on iPhone 4 and iPad)
★ Universal app (iPhone / iPad)
★ Autorotation (landscape only)
★ Game Center enabled (12 leaderboards and 11 achievements)
★ 6 local players, unlimited Game Center players (skin settings, scores, level progression, save/resume game)
★ 5 categories (kickoff,easy,medium,hard,big maps)
★ Unlimited undo
★ Random map generator (5 difficulties)
★ Time attack mode (5 difficulties)
★ Save/Resume state (when quitting the game or answering a phone call)
★ Exclusive soundtrack
★ Online (Flash based) level editor ( )

Other games :

★ Moonlights (Award winning tower building puzzle game)
★ Mozzle (The coolest motion/interactive jigsaw puzzles on the appstore)

And more, search for “” on the appstore.

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