Blockee is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Blockee

Ever feel like you paid too much for a game? We at Slide to Play go through so many games, we’re frequently left feeling a bit ripped off by games that aren’t quite worth their weight in gold.

Take Blockee, for instance. Games don’t get much simpler: you’re given a handful of differently colored blocks placed in differently shaped grids, and you must slide them around with a certain number of moves to cause two or more of each color to match up. That’s it. Over the game’s 70 levels, the difficulty does increase (more blocks, more colors, and more moves required), but the formula never changes or evolves.

Awkward silence among the blocks.

There’s no music, which could very well have been intrusive and generally bothersome, but the game’s eyeball-sporting blocks seem too whimsical not to have an accompanying, charming soundtrack. The sound effects are a solid fit, but they sound as if they were lifted from Pac-Man, which is perhaps more puzzling than the puzzles themselves.

Now, understand that we’ve got no problem with repetitive, sound-deprived games, assuming they are completely addictive; take PathPix, for instance. PathPix is a game that is endlessly fun, was so popular that it’s already spawned a sequel, and is cheaper than Blockee. And that’s the ultimate problem: Blockee is overpriced and not nearly as addictive or rewarding. As far as puzzles go, the game certainly boasts a challenge even for diehard puzzle fans (at least in the later levels), but it lacks a certain charisma to be considered noteworthy. With a Lite version available, feel free to give it a shot, but we doubt that you’ll find its full-priced sibling worthy of the current asking price.