Block You

Block You is the free, smart, stacked matching game, challenging you from a new direction.
“5/5 stars! Love classic puzzle games? Block You is the app for you!”

Stack and match blocks into cubes, then watch them shatter! 3 Ways to Play!

Block You is a simple puzzle game where you build cubes of the same color to shatter them and keep your board clear. Block You comes with 3 different modes providing great casual game play, but includes challenges for die hard gamers.

★★ Marathon Mode – play until your board get filled
★★ Timed Challenge – 90 seconds of adrenaline pump
★★ Player against Player – Compete and go for the BlockOut!!

Get up to speed in minutes, and then play for hours. Our tutorial will quickly get you through the simple controls and playing the game.

Also, with Game Center, challenge your friends to beat your top scores.


“5/5 stars! Love classic games like Tetris and Bejweled? Then the Block You is the app for you!” – Philip @

“A title I would recommend to fans of puzzle games” – Andrea @ Web Games

“Played Block You for about 20 minutes, and it’s really addictive! A great game!” – Karan @

★ Universal App – Play on all your devices
★ iPad Retina Enabled, also on the iPad Mini & older iPads
★ iPhone 5, iPhone 4(S) Retina Graphics
★ Intuitive One Touch Controls
★ Casual game play, with challenges for the die hard gamers

★ Directly challenge your friends across devices
★ Daily Rewarded Challenges

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