Block Wall


Now is the time to begin your journey to the great historical sites.

Solve the puzzle handed by the guardian and achieve hidden treasures collected from all over the world.

It’s been said that those who can’t solve the puzzle will never return from the journey…at least not alive.
Challenge yourself and complete the collection of treasures.

Block Wall is an exciting action puzzle game that introduces you to multiple levels of accomplishments.
Your mission is to fill blank space in the looming wall with blocks. Let’s see how fast you can solve the puzzle.

– Fill the blank space in the looming wall with colorful blocks.
– Move blocks by drag and drop.
– If you misplaced the block, tap it to place back to the panel.
– Gain some advantages by tapping coins, hourglass and heart icons.
– When the floor gets dark, it’s the sign that the guardian will approach. The wall starts to loom faster so tap the block quickly to destroy the wall.

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