Block Shock: Force Crafty

INTRODUCTORY PRICE! $ 0.99 Limited time only!

»»»»» Time to do it Block Shock: Force Crafty. – The coolest app out there! «««««

Block Shock: Force Crafty: The most popular voxel-based first person shooter game.

The game features a block-based forest scene,you can preview it in the screenshots.Moreover, it features the realistic guns sound and the most comfortable control.


- Singleplayer Mode Mission: You have to eliminate 35 minigun machine and 50 soldiers AND ANY TANK
- Amazing Retina Graphics
- Realistic explosions and effects
- Exciting battlefield feeling
- Complete physics enabled
- Run/Walk support (with the help of the update you can not only walk, but you can switch to runner mode, which makes it easier to escape from the enemies)
- Configurable aiming sensitivity (we corrected the moving sensibility. You can adjust yourselves, how slow to move at the battlefield)
- Enemy airplanes (we also put some airplanes in the game, they passes above you. Show how skillful you are and how quick you can shoot the enemies)
- Game Center (race with your friends, the update is now in the Game Center available.)
- and more…

The great block-based shooter game, you must have a try.Don’t miss it!!!

New features coming soon:

- 5 basic weapon support
- Terrestrial and air belligerence crafts
- 3 new maps
- Multiplayer mode

B & V Games wishes you to have a good time!

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