Block Math

You will need number enumerating ability and simple addition ability to play “Block Math”.
If you have good sense of mental arithmetic let’s try for the highest score!
“Block Math” will increase your children’s mental arithmetic ability only with simple touch.

How to play
1. Roman numerals placed in the middle of the empty block. (From below)

2. Arabic numerals show continuing sum of Roman numerals. (From below)

3. Roman numerals do not necessarily have to put in order but, just think about Arabic numerals should be calculated before.

4. Bigger number will come out as stage goes high.

5. When the fever gauge is full you can get 4times more score for period of time by correct answer.

6. Basic items will provide for beginners.

7. For more information tab the “?” icon.

game mode

1. Normal mode
2. Time attack mode
3. Endless mode

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