Block Knight!

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★User Review★
Like good old Bomberman! – ★★★★★

by Fior999 – Version 1.0.3 – Dec 6, 2011

Very fun game!

Good but – ★★★★★

by Mrwolf177 – Version 1.0.3 – Dec 5, 2011

The games fun but the controls are sensitive please fix if u can

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★Enjoy & have fun★


A strange drakness creeps into a peaceful village…

A peaceful village has just turned into a hell!

Surrounded by the fearsome monsters, the only remaining Knight is here to save the civilians!

The devildom has come on earth for the seal of the blockworld.

It has 5 hidden seals, and to find the marbles, Knight’s on his way!

Will the Knight, the savior of the blockworld, bring back the life of a peaceful village?

★Game features★

-Controls are easy to use

-Push the block to eliminate the monsters

-Very unique designs were used for the game

-There are 5 different areas and in each area, 15 different sections are available

-Experience the unique designs of each characters in each sections!

-You will have to eliminate the most powerful boss on your last stage of your area

*Game Points*

-Monsters will get stronger, if u don’t eliminate them on time!!

-Different types of monsters will use a variety of attacks!

-Use a variety of items to achieve a high score!


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