Block Invaders


Space Date : 182
Aliens have arrived from outer space to invade human lives.
Quiet days they once had are over and they are being threatened by the dark force.

Invaders are charging towards our colony.
Your mission is to attack and destroy enemy’s mothership.

We will not back down on this fight.
Use every power you have to take them down.

Good luck,

Ted Pajitnov
Mayor, Space Colony

★ Control button
Move left and right by the square box size.
*Press longer to move fast.

★ Select button
Swap the blocks.
Press multiple times to rotate.

★ Important Tip
Keep an eye on the screen. “Weak Point” will be displayed in order to clear the stage.

★ Damaging the final boss
Think from different perspective. Use every chance you got.

★ Information for more games We announce new apps information in fan-page :)
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