Block Factory

★★★A huge thank you to all of you for playing Block Factory!★★★

Some would say that Block Factory is more fun than Angry Birds.

Block Factory is an addictive puzzle game enjoyed by many people from around the world!

It’s quick, simple and fun.

Colorful blocks are being made in Block Factory to be used for games every day.

Your mission is to match color and shapes of blocks, and deliver them to game lovers in the world.

▼How To Play
-Find blocks that matches color and shape with the ones selected as Target Blocks

-Move on to the next one by matching the shape of the blocks

-You get bonus point for making both color and shape match with the Target Blocks

▼Special Items
-Gold Blocks
You can shave the gold blocks by tapping them twice

Erase some of the gold blocks to match shape with the Target Blocks, and get into boost mode

-Bomb Blocks
Be aware of Bomb Blocks!

If you touch them, or ship them by mistake they explode and the game is over

Find the tool icon on the lower left side of the screen, drag it to the bomb blocks to disable them

-Cracked Blocks
They are defective items so make sure not to ship them

You can easily erase the Cracked Blocks by tapping them

This game gives you a stimulating Experience you’ve never had before.

If you are looking for excitement, try playing Block Factory!

Even if you are stuck in a train during rush hour, or you are simply in need of amusements in your daily life, you can enjoy spending time with Fuji TV app!!

▼ Information for more games
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