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Block Breaker 3 Unlimited Review

Almost all of us have played a brick breaker game at some point. One comes preloaded on just about every phone and mp3 player ever released. The sad truth is that most of them aren’t all that fun; in fact, many are downright boring. Gameloft’s Block Breaker 3 Unlimited attempts to breathe new life into the genre. Does it break the new ground, or does it put us to sleep like the others?

For the most part, the game succeeds. It takes features from outside the traditional brick breaker formula, like paddles on various sides of the screen, upgradable power-ups, and boss battles, along with multi-section level designs to make it all feel pretty fresh. Each level requires you to do things like get balls into sockets or clear areas connected by tubes in order to reach the end. Each of the seven areas has fourteen levels and a boss fight. Boss battles usually boil down to continually striking the boss with the ball, but they get the job done.

Breaking bad.

There are some aspects of the level designs that don’t work well, however. The most common issue is that you need to turn your device every time the paddle switches location; otherwise you end up blocking the screen with your finger when you go to tap a power-up. There are also some issues with the flashy nature of the graphics, which can create screen clutter. Failing a level because you can’t see the ball can be insanely frustrating. However, these issues don’t ruin the great level design.

Hidden within each level is a ‘gift’. Once you pick up all the gifts in an area, you unlock a bonus mode. These include Boss Rush, Endless, Time Attack, as well as a crazy mode in which the ball changes type every time it hits the paddle. There are eight modes in total, which is an excellent value. Plus, it makes you want to replay the game to unlock them all.

Making it rain.

And it’s a minor nag, but navigating Block Breaker 3 Unlimited’s menus is downright annoying. Buttons tend to be unresponsive, and the scrolling menus are sluggish. Gameloft also takes every opportunity to throw in links to pay for useless perks such as starting a level with a power-up.

Overall, Block Breaker 3 Unlimited is a solid package and a game that’s worth checking out. For all the mishaps and unfortunate quirks, there’s a lot of fun to be had.