Block Battle

Block Battle combines classic scoring mode and exciting battle mode, retains the original style and explores the fun of man-machine game, bringing you an unusual game experience beyond expression.

▶Battle mode:
Are you an expert player full of fighting spirit in all kinds of challenges? Here you can find the top players from various planets to compete for championship.

▶BlueTooth Battle:
You can play with your friends. Find out who is the best one!

▶Classic mode:
Do you still remember the game you played via all kinds of handheld game machines, which is so absorbing as to make you forget food and sleep? Here you can find the classic memory deeply hidden in your mind.

It has the extreme fine picture, the most gorgeous special effects, the incomparable delicate operating, and it is the coolest and cutest one in IOS history. Do you dare to meet the challenges from various planets?

Now wait for you to start the most successful title system! Move your fingers to heap up the blocks immediately!

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