Block 3D Egypt

Block 3D Egypt will take you to a tour of the acient Egypt, the mysterious acient Egypt fresco,sculpture and Pharaoh’s precious.along with the exquisite acient Egypt style graphics,we bring to you a 3D physics block must feel bored about those 2D flat block games?Block 3D will give you a totally fresh experience about block might be the only 3D physics block game ever.

Load all your block on static block,don’t let them fall into water.

Block 3D’s control is quite simple,it fully support finger gestrue,use only one finger to rotate the block,drag it.let it’s a pleasure experience when playing Block 3D.
#1 totally 3d
#2 Egypt style graphics
#3 fullly support finger gesture control
#4 easy control and clean graphics
#5 we will continue update new level,you will not feel bored..

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