Blobz Shooter Deluxe

Blobz Shooter is the first Bubble Shooter with deformable bubbles! 2 full games plus two bonus modes [free and unlimited]: free play and piano. Includes the best animated fart piano ever!


Shooter Game:

Tap where you want to shoot the blob. Match them by colors before they reach the limit. Rows of blobz will come from the top and that will accelerate!

Avalanche Game:

The blobz are popping from the top and the rate will accelerate. Drag the blobz to pair them by colors so they can fusion. Once big enough they will be free and fly beyond the screen.

Each escaped blob will give you one point!

Needle Bonus: when a blob escape you may catch a needle that will blink in the corner. For 3 seconds you can pop the blobz by tapping on them. Beware that popping blobz is somewhat immoral and will not give you points.

Both games have 3 difficulty settings that will fit from young children to experienced gamers!

Challenge your friends with the Game Center leaderboards.


Free Play: For toddlers, they can move, distort, split and pop the blobz with unlimited time, no game over.

Blobish Piano: A must for children with colorful creations

blob [blÉ’b] n
1. a soft mass or drop, as of some viscous liquid
2. a spot, dab, or blotch of colour, ink, etc
3. a indistinct or shapeless form or object

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