Blobiverse is a universe in your pocket.
You are also the god of this world, and you may choose to do whatever you want to it.

In this world you have tiny individuals called blobs, they are the civilized “people” of the Blobiverse. They will mind their own business, constructing buildings, exploring, collecting wood and much more.

As the god, you have the option to create as well as the option to destroy. You can make a village prosper by adding an abundance of resources near it, or you could make them suffer by giving them scarce amounts of food and materials and see how they cope with this change.
The world evolves on its own, you create a couple trees, and they grow into a forest, or create some tall grass and it will rapidly transform into a huge prairie.

With a world of immense possibilities, will you create or will you destroy?

Edit: For those of you who couldn’t figure out how to choose a villages faction, you just tap the house button twice. Sorry about the confusion.

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