Blobble is a accelerometer-controlled, physics-based, multi-mode, particle-bouncing survival game.

Blobble is a bouncy ball of fun that only wants to live longer and keep smiling. Will your shaky hands plunge him to his death? All is not doom and gloom though; there are points to be had and targets that will give even the best player a challenge. Your competitiveness and perseverance can be showcased to the world through Game Center with 8 leaderboards and 24 achievements.

Blobble’s not just one game though! There are 4 completely unique game modes which will challenge your reactions, strategy and perception. With fire effects, gravity tricks and the soft bounciness that is Blobble this game is bound to amuse.


– Tilt the device left and right to balance the board and keep Blobble up top.
– Sensitivity can be changed in the pause menu.

Game Modes:

– In TIMER you must help Blobble to survive for as long as possible with the help of all 4 types of powerups.
– In FUNNEL the aim is to funnel as many particles as possible through the hole in the platform. Careful when putting Blobble off balance though!
– In FLIPPER you are rewarded with a point for every time the board is flipped. Use the falling Anti-Gravity powerups to keep Blobble in the air whilst you spin the board.
– In PICKUP some of the particles are worth points! Make Blobble hit the point particles to build your score.


Programming and Design – Marcus Longmuir
Music – Niru Fekri-Arnold

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