BLLUBY Arcade is a FREE four-in-a-roll game. To make rolls you must to walk above the colored cubes with the little blue cube. You only walk on cubes that are not blue yet. Touch on the neighbour cubes to walk.

Each move a new cube falls from the top, take care you do not be locked by dead cubes( blue cubes ).

You can make rolls of more then 4 cubes. It will enable super powers.

You need to make the higher rank, but If all the 6 columns and 7 lines contains cubes, you lost.

BLLUBY Arcade has 3 game modes, Arcade, Portals and Vegas. Each game mode has a new and totally diferente challenge.

BLLUBY Arcade is available for iPad, iPod and iPhone, and off course, BLLUBY Arcade is FREE. ( Game Mode Vegas and Portals need to be purchased. )

Game Center:

Leaderboard: BLLUBY Arcade is on Game Center. You will be on the most competitive leaderboard of all time. There are 3 main leaderboards, one diferente and independent leaderboard for each game mode.

Achievements: BLLUBY Arcade has 92 achievements, the most challenging and fun.

* Awesome graphics, improved on iPad.
* Game center with leaderboards and achievements.
* Prety good music and sound effects.
* Easy to play, hard to master
* For iPhone 3gs and above, and iPad series.

A special thanks to people who are donating. Thank You!

Twitter: @CrazyMindsGames


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