BLiP Bloink Lite

Connect the Bloinks to keep them from going too high! If you enjoy addictive games like Tetris, Snood, or Peggle, this game is for you.

In this fun puzzle matching action game you control the falling creatures as they drop into place. With an old school arcade puzzler feel, race to clear the levels before the Bloinks get too high. If you don’t clear them in time, your favorite Bloink will tumble to the ground like a pinball.

As seen on NBC,,, and! Developed and programmed by Simeon Peebler, department chair of game development at Flashpoint Academy in Chicago.

Lite Version Features:

Simple, fast gameplay across ten levels and three unique environments.

Share High Scores with friends with the “Brag” function!

Optionally continue to play iPod music in the background during gameplay.

In this Lite version of BLiP Bloink:

Complete the first trophy by playing 10 challenging levels for FREE.

In the Full Game of BLiP Bloink available through the App Store:

Three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard.

Earn three Trophies across thirty levels of play.

Enjoy nine unique environments for Bloink play!

Original soundtrack with four songs.

Send a ‘Brag’ from the High Score screen at any time!

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