Blind Man's Dungeon

A legendary dungeon, filled with treasure and monsters to boot. A reckless hero arrives to strike it rich and steal the loot.

With no torch to guide his way through the dark corridors, he heedlessly plunges on: “If I stick to the walls, they should lead the way, right…?”

===How to play===
1. Rules
★ Move the fairy guardian with your finger to spawn blocks.
★ When the hero bumps into a wall or block, he turns right.
★ Place blocks strategically to guide the hero safely to the treasure.

2. Traps
★ When you pick up a treasure, a spike trap will appear on that square.
★ Hitting traps causes the hero to take damage.
★ If a monster bumps into a trap, both the monster and trap disappear.

3. Magic
★ Tap the orb at the upper right to unleash your magic spell, destroying all traps in the dungeon.
★ As the hero picks up treasure, the spell gauge is replenished.

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