Blend the Boss by Joe Cartoon

Tired of mincing words with your crazy boss? How about mincing him instead? BLEND THE BOSS allows you to upload your own boss picture into the game to give a personal touch to your ‘workplace self-expression’.

Based on the internet sensation from JOE CARTOON, Blend The Boss is a hilariously crude game sure to diffuse any of your common variety office angst. With just a flick of your finger, send the boss into a giant blender and liquefy him into a corporate smoothie. In this intoxicating cocktail of mayhem and destruction, you also get to shoot ducks, pigs and gerbils. Achieve all 10 awards to earn bragging rights in your office. You can also take out your frustration by pulverizing your annoying coworker, loud neighbor, or favorite celebrity… Just import their picture and blend away!

– Import a picture from your photo album to blend YOUR boss!
– Original artwork by Joe Shields, creator of JOE CARTOON
– Very simple and addictive gameplay
– Intuitive controls: tap screen to shoot; tilt iPhone to tip boss into the blender when teetering on the edge
– 10 awards to achieve
– Save your game
– High scoreboard


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