Blaster X HD

“400 levels of gorgeous action puzzles” –

“Arcade gameplays fans looking for a game that will last should try Blaster X” –

“It’s very much one of those games that will have you saying, ‘Just one more level,’ for many more levels” –

Immerse yourself in Over 400 levels of non-stop gameplay, as you Blast your way through 9 Diverse Worlds of pure Mental Addiction in one of iPad’s largest titles. Blaster X HD is our release title at 2GMG (2 Guys Making Games) and we are proud to say that we are 100% Independent and made of just 2 guys who have a passion for creating fun and enjoyable games that offer a TON of content. We have given it our all in our first title and below is a breakdown of what Blaster X HD has to offer!

Blaster X HD – Exclusively for all generations of iPad and iPad Mini

***Game Features***

Test your reflexes and wit, as you conquer Over 400 Levels with tons of content. From Casual Players to the more Advanced Completionists, come prepared as you will be wrapped up in hours of gameplay.

Launch your Blaster by pulling your finger back and let it fly! Manipulate and guide your Blaster, as you blast your way through the Orbs to clear each level! Absorb the Orbs’ energy, as that is the power source for your Blaster – so grab them all!
(Non-violent gameplay, suitable for all ages.)

Immerse yourself in all 9 Worlds of Blaster X HD. Each World carries different gameplay attributes and elements – not just a different color scheme. Whether it is the “proving grounds” of Basics, to the most difficult Sonoma, there are plenty of options and variety to test any skill level and age. (9 Worlds: Arena, Basics, Carbon, District, Horizon, Qore, Reactor, Sky, and Sonoma)

Fling, manipulate, and guide your Blaster at anytime, leaving you in total control with our unique Fluid Control System.

Enjoy the eye-candy of our blistering graphics – everything is created for High Definition (HD) Resolution.

Everything in Blaster X HD can be unlocked using no gimmicks, no ads or IAPs to move gameplay along. Unlock Worlds, Levels, and Blasters with just good-old game time investment.

Want to show the World your skills? You can. Post your High Scores for all your favorite levels and see where you rank among the World’s best.

Most every menu in our User Interface offers an Identifying Icon for selectable options, making sure that even if it is not your native language you can understand and have fun while you play.

We are just 2 guys who have a passion for creating great games – no publisher, no funding, just all on our own.

We would like to give a big “Thank You” to all of our supporters and fans along the way, who have given us the push to release our first title Blaster X HD at 2GMG. We will try our very best to continue to bring innovative games that offer a lot of content, while listening to our fans in what they are looking for in fun and great games. Thanks Again!

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