Blaster Games

This is my Blaster. There are many like it, but this one is mine…

Compare your scores to the world’s best Blasters out there – Game Center just added!

Blaster Games is a growing collection of action physics games built around, you guessed it, the Blaster!

Innovative challenges, stunning graphics, fluid-motion 3D plus tons of stuff to blast. That’s Blaster Games.

Includes 8 (for now) Blaster Games:
✔ Snow Targets – Get started blasting snowballs at some cute bunnies. Sound easy?
✔ Downhill Dangers – Blast runaway sleighs before they slam into you. Things are heating up!
✔ Rapid-Fire Frenzy – Your Blaster gets rapid-fire powers. You’ll need it to survive!
✔ Shot Block – Enter the sports arena to face a slam-dunking basketball player.
✔ Crazy Fans – Sports fans can be unpredictable. Blast ‘em with soda cans.
✔ Hockey Crossfire – You and your Blaster face off against a deadly accurate hockey player.
✔ Combat Golf – Drive around in your golf cart shooting golf-bombs!
✔ Range Rage – You’ve never been to a driving range like this!

Everything is out to get you, but you have the ultimate weapon – your Blaster. And your Blaster has you!

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