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Blast Zone Mega is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Blast Zone Mega Review

Sometimes you just need to blow off steam. It’s times like this that you might feel like donning your super villain hat, hopping into your stealth bomber, and laying waste to the world’s major cities. Doing so in real life usually has some pretty severe repercussions, things like death, destruction of property, and people’s general disapproval. Unless, of course, there’s an app for that. Looks like you’re in luck.

Conceived by freelance designer Max Bode (of New Yorker fame), Blast Zone Mega doesn’t just let you bomb cities (three cities are available right now, with more promised in future updates); you are the bomb. At the beginning of each of the 12 Story Mode levels, you drop as a batch of dynamite from a bomber high above the city. As you float downward, you maneuver your bomb through concentric circles (a la Pilotwings, but more sinister). Each ring you hit upgrades your bomb. The better the bomb, the more devastation you can unleash. As you approach the ground, you’re usually given a bullseye and a goal for targets destroyed. As you continue playing, you’re given more free reign to blow up the whole map.

No one can escape your wrath.

Sounds easy, but it’s not. At all. It’s a long way to the ground, and there are planes of varying sizes sharing your airspace. One collision and you’ll have to start the level over (unless you manage to snag a shield that protects you for a few precious seconds). You only have so many attempts before it’s game over and you must start at the beginning. No saves. No continues. No mercy. And if you want to unlock Arcade Mode, you’ll have to beat the game from start to finish in a single sitting (although you can pause the game and resume later, if you’d like).

The planes come at you fast. You’re given a brief flash to let you know where they’re coming from, but it’s very quick–much faster than Flight Control, for instance. And because your thumb occupies the left corner of the screen for control purposes, incoming planes from that direction are often upon you before you can react. It’s incredibly frustrating, but at the same time, unbelievably satisfying when you get just a little bit farther with each run. You may throw down your phone in disgust, but believe us: you’ll be back.

Destroy everything. Except that plane!

The maps themselves resemble something akin to the maps in Grand Theft Auto games. The art direction is basic, but brilliant at the same time, as the ground level still looks great once you’ve zoomed all the way in. You know that the time is almost up once your bomb begins its final nose dive toward oblivion.

Blast Zone Mega is rudimentary but highly addictive. Mowing down bridges, buildings, and entire neighborhoods never gets old, and due to the high difficulty level, you’ll probably just be finishing up all the currently available challenges before some additional content gets added. Trust us, you’ll learn to love the bomb.