Blast Radius HD

- Gamezebo: makes tap defense gameplay interesting again.
– an extremely fun app
– AppGamer: Blast Radius is an interesting take on the growing Tap Defence genre
– 148Apps: a speedy space defense title that plays very nicely

Protect the last human outpost in the galaxy against attacking aliens. How long can you last? 

4223 A.D. – the last space station left in the 5T galaxy. A galaxy inhabited and controlled by hostile alien lifeforms. The station is well equipped, but now as the aliens started their attack you are our only hope…

Can you protect this last outpost of mankind? Are you ready for the final battle?

– Action: React fast to fight off hordes of enemies!

- Strategy: Choose the right attack and defense upgrades!

– Analysis: Know Your Enemy! Understand the different attack patterns!

Blast Radius is retro inspired space action game with modern strategic elements.



Twitter: @mPilotGames

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