Bladumkee – Solve pirate logic dice

If you like “Rubik Cube” or “Memory”, you will like this game. Play with unique 5-sided game cube. Memorize moves and solve cube by matching all tiles of the same color.

——- HOW TO PLAY ——-

* Start with completed and solved cube,
* Watch how cube rotates and memorize all moves,
* Move and rotate cube to match colors on each side,
* Solve dice by matching all colors on all sides of cube,
* Get better score with minimum number of moves and time.
* Game play video

——- FEATURES ——-

* Unique 5-sided game dice,
* Simple game controls,
* For one or two players,
* Combination of memory & match game,
* 20 random levels to play,
* Undo your moves to find the best way,
* Play against limited number of moves and time,
* Moody, tiny pirate atmosphere,

* Share results on Facebook or Twitter,
* Game Center support,
* Universal app,
* iOS 4.3 or above,

——- STORY ——-

Join us in epic quest, with many adventures to find the pirate treasure. Every bunch of pirates wants to find a treasure. But it’s not so easy to find it and go back to the ship without a map. A lot of different pirates are lost on the Treasure Island, try to find a way back to their companions, but a sea-wolf is helpless while not on board. Ahoy, will you help ‘em?

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