Blackout Free

Are you ready for the Blackout?

The city is on the verge: the verge of a meltdown and you are the one controlling it. Be the master in this addictive and unique game as you fight your way through the levels in a race against the clock.
Your job is to cause a blackout in the fastest time possible without compromising your buildings; you are given a time limit to do so and a countdown into the level. Once the timer begins, you must swipe to eradicate areas of the city into darkness, plunging the city into this formidable blackout isn’t as easy as it sounds – in various areas of the city lies your strongholds. Guided by two rings surrounding the building; you must navigate around them – Partially blacking out the green ring is fine… However, if you penetrate the second ring then you will spell an instant game-over. As the game progresses, strongholds will become more common and time limits more challenging. Once you complete a level, the game shall greet you with Bolts, these items are collected due to your performance and are used to unlock achievements at various stages of the game. Share your high-score through Facebook or Twitter to brag about your latest time, challenge your friends to destroy your time for a certain level and climb up the world leader-board.

This free version of Blackout includes 15 addicting levels, beautiful graphics and social integration for hours of gameplay.

Download the full version for 30 total levels of electrifying gameplay!

So, what are you waiting for? Be the master of the Blackout and enter the meltdown…


Free Version Features:

★ 15 levels of fun and exciting gameplay!
★ Connect with Game Center to view your level rank amongst your friends and the world!
★ Race against the clock to earn Bolts!
★ Earn Achievements as the game progresses!
★ Stunning Graphics and amazing music!
★ Share your score on Facebook or Twitter!


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Sound design and music by Timothy Bumatay

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