Blackjack Trillionaire Free

Live out your ultimate gaming fantasies with our new groundbreaking IOS game called Blackjack Trillionaire.

Unlike other blackjack games, the odds in Blackjack Trillionaire are stacked in your favor.

Use Blackjack Trillionaire’s built-in cheats to win huge payouts and play the most fun and satisfying blackjack game ever.

You start the game with ten million chips. Play smart and become a trillionaire. You will be rewarded with free gifts and trophies as you play.

The following cheats are available in this game:

1. “Ace” – first card is guaranteed to be an ace.
2.“Handcuffs” – the dealer is only allowed to draw two cards.
3.“Royalty”- player’s first two cards will be a King and a Queen.
4.“Winnings 2x”- Payouts on all earnings (apart from Blackjack) are doubled.
5.“Jackpot”- Blackjack pays out 100:1.

The free version of Blackjack Trillionaire contains third party advertisements.

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