BlackJack Prophet

Learn to play Blackjack flawlessly… Without even trying!

BlackJack Prophet is a trainer app, not a standard Blackjack game. It has all the look and feel of regular Blackjack, with a very important difference. In a typical Blackjack game, you can make the right decision and still lose, or make the wrong decision but still win. This leads to a lot of confusion on what the correct play actually is and severely hinders your ability to learn to make profitable decisions while you play. With BlackJack Prophet, this is not the case! The game is set up to tap into your brain's natural learning mechanism of trial and error where you learn to avoid situations that produce a negative result, but continue making choices that produce a positive result. With BlackJack Prophet, if you make the play with the highest potential for long term profit, you win! Any other choice results in a loss. This is by far the simplest and fastest way to learn to make a profit while you play, and you do it simply by playing and having fun!


- Plays out the hand to reflect correct/incorrect actions. Unlike other trainers, the cards are dealt out to the hand's completion in a "rigged" manner to show your win or loss. This additional visual reinforcement greatly speeds and strengthens your learning above other similar apps

- Configurable settings to match rule variations found in different casinos throughout the world, including number of decks in use at the table, surrender option and whether the dealer stands or hits with a soft 17

- Rules of Blackjack page for those who have never played before or just need to brush up on the standard rules

- Strategy chart page that shows the correct action for all situations (automatically loads proper chart to match your current rule settings)

- Action search page to quickly look up the correct action for any specific situation, based on criteria you select

- Answer Button on Game screen that reveals answer to the current hand (can be toggled on or off in settings)

- Score tracking to monitor your number of correct actions out of hands played and shows percentage of correct answers

- Insurance/Even Money can be toggled on or off depending on whether you want to be prompted for the option

- Sound can be turned off to allow you to play anytime without distracting others around you

If you've ever wanted to learn to play Blackjack, or already know how but want to know the right plays to make in any situation, this is the app for you!

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